Your mission (and you should accept) is to become a Red Guinea Pig, an official taste tester for new chilli-based products.

Imagine receiving each month a product before anyone else… and then being part of the group that decide if the product goes into full production – you have the power to make or break a new concept.

Chillies are heavily associated with the colour Red, as is heat and fire and the Guinea Pig, well traditionally people that try something new, have the nickname within test environments as ‘Guinea Pigs’. So Red Guinea Pig was born, and well it’s a fun way of trying something new.

At least One New Potential Product
this product has been produced as if in full production

New Product Information
Full Ingredients with allergen information, estimate retail price and recipe ideas

At Least One New Product
a brand new to market product sometimes before anyone else
(it’s possible it’s one you’ve made happen!)

Feedback Instructions
a quick online link to give the creator instant feedback

Additional Surprises
from online discount codes, to special gifts occasionally you’ll get something extra

£13.45 per month